KodeMate to be a global programming learning platform

KodeMate to be a global programming platform
Global programming platform

It was a great time and experiences to server every students and learners in Vietnam. However, things has been changing a lot since then. KodeMate is updated and now aiming to be a global programming learning platform, which means it won’t only focus only for Vietnamese but also for international learners, too.

From beginning as founder of KodeMate, I wanted this to become a programming learning places for everyone around the world, but due to limited budgets and resources, I couldn’t start it widely; hence, KodeMate was started inside Vietnam for Vietnamese learners only.

It has been almost two years past since then, now KodeMate is ready to go wild, go global as what it was planned. Even though, there are still a lot of changes necessary to be done, but as a MVP, I’d like to start this global achievement as soon as possible.

So I’d like to share a bit about this global update at KodeMate.

  • The platform will use English as primary language, instead of only Vietnamese as it was before. Things has changed, and now there are international learners, too.
  • Main things inside KodeMate homepage will focus on technology news and programming articles mainly.
  • The computer world is growing so darn fast, and nobody knows what is the best software for this and for that. So, there will be a software review section for readers.
  • The learning platform will be move another part of the platform instead of integrating directly into kodemate.com. All current learners will be informed directly via email and via facebook notifications.

There are still more updates for the platform in future, but those are the main things that change this time.

Additional to this update,

  • New users are not able to sign up and register any course on platform.
  • Current users cannot access learning platform at the moment, I’m trying to update and will notify all of you as soon as it becomes available. Please understand and be patience, thank you!

This update requires a lot of hard work and time, as one man alone for this development, I will try my best to do everything; hence, it will take a bit long time to wait. So please be patience and take it easy, guys!

I expect and want KodeMate to become a really cool, fun and awesome platform for everybody to learn programming easiest and most affordable comparing to others. Be aware that KodeMate is not aiming to beat or compete with other programming platform.

As founder of KodeMate, I personally want to say thanks to everyone that has been sticking and trusted KodeMate from beginning and keep walking with me ’til now!